Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Giveaway Time!

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Scales: A Mermaid Tale by Pauline Creeden
Honor by Rachel Rossano
Playing With Magic by Carrie L. Wells
Where Carpets Fly by Elise Edmonds
Toonopolis: Gemini by Jeremy Rodden
Got To Be a Hero by Paul Duffau
The Temptation of Dragons by Chrys Cymri
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Friday, August 4, 2017

Because I'm Happy

by Lisa Rector

When I was a young single adult, I had a friend who constantly told me I wasn’t happy. This shocked me. I couldn’t comprehend, for one, how he could determine this in me, and two, I didn’t see how I wasn’t happy. Maybe, because I was a big flirt, he thought I was seeking for happiness in all the wrong places. The truth was, when I was single, I was living it up and enjoying life. I had so many pressures and stressors while I went through nursing school that on the weekends, I was a hopeless flirtatious bomb.

I didn’t care.

Then I married. Then I had children. I became a hostage to hormones running amuck in my body. I hated my daughter for the first six months of her life. I resented my husband for some unknown reason. All because chemicals told me I was unhappy. Until I experienced seven years in a mix of chemical and postpartum depression, I didn’t know what happiness truly was.

From the darkest abyss and wishing for death, to indescribable, the-only-way-to-understand-would-be-to-plug-your-spirit-into-mine-with-some-sort-of-mind-meld happiness. It’s not something you can express. When you’re happy, you feel it throughout your whole soul.

What’s my secret? I can explain it in a few phrases that will make you want to throw your tablet across the room, because you will say, “Duh. I’ve heard all this, but it’s not working for me.” Well, until the moment when you experience the change from unhappiness to bliss, you won’t really know what it means to be inexplicably happy.

Ready to throw your device?

The Light of Christ
The Atonement
The Plan of Salvation
Enjoy the moment
Find your purpose
Let it go
Count your blessings
If my God is with me, whom then shall I fear?

The formula is different for every single soul. But I will tell you. Because of the atonement, I conquered chemical depression. Because of my testimony in the Savior, I live each day with hope and peace. Because of the atonement, I am clean and light and free. Because I work my butt off every day to be still and let peace and beauty soak through me, I can breathe. I don’t fear evil. I rejoice in all that is good in life. I have purpose, even if it is only to get up every morning and hug my daughters. Even if it is just to lay beside my snoring husband and listen to his heartbeat.

My soul—my heart and spirit—want to rupture on occasion. The feeling is so hard to contain.

My daughters scream in embarrassment when I crank the music loud and dance in my kitchen, when I roll the window down and wave at everyone who drives by. When I make silly faces or when I start in on a lecture about how amazing the sunrise looks or how the rain makes everything look like a fairyland. Or how the squirrels and the rabbits bounce through the yard. I tell them to look at every good thing, look at every small moment, SEE what God has given us.

My only regret is that not everyone sees and not everyone feels this happiness.

The world would be so different if they did.

“Men are that they might have joy.” Be in that joy.

Now watch this.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Dragon Week! Introducing Derog

Derog has only a small part to play in Master of Time. He appears in the beginning and end of the novel where we hear his thoughts through his rider Meuric. He has a brief, non-speaking cameo in The Two Masters.

A majestic, navy blue, silver-flecked dragon, Derog has a pale blue, spiked ridge descending his snout. His hide is the exact color of the dragon stone he was born with, a stone Meuric now wears around his neck, forging the telepathic bond between them.

Derog’s a fierce dragon who’s fought in many battles with Meuric while he was the Dark Dragon Rider’s leader. In Master of Time, Derog is separated physically and mentally from Meuric when he’s thrown backward through time. (Dragon stone connections work over a vast distance and even between worlds, but not across time.)

When faced with a difficult or dangerous situation, Derog’s known to dive right in. As no nonsense dragon, he’s kicked Meuric into gear more than once and encouraged him to have patience. Derog is a strong voice of reason to his rider, having been joined as dragon brothers for many millennia, but honors their bond and doesn’t overstep. For all Derog’s pursuits as a Dark Dragon, he’s as honorable as they come.

Derog’s hope is that his rider will to return to the present, or his dragon bond will be void, as well as Derog’s immortal life that goes with it.

You can find Derog in Half-Emrys: The Two Masters (The Emrys Chronicles Book 2)
This novel is Reader Rated (RR) for ages 15+ for mild sensuality, violence, and torture; also contains brief (nonsexual) nudity.
What Dragons will you find within?
A young, goofy dragon can’t grab the attention of a mature female, who just happens to be the enemy.

Find Derog here in Half-Emrys: Master of Time (The Emrys Chronicles Book 3)
This novel is Reader Rated (RR) for ages 16+ for moderate violence, torture, and non-detailed fade-out sensuality.
What Dragons will you find within?
Two dragon riders lose their telepathic connection with their dragons when they are thrown backward in time.

Check out possible versions of Derog.

Monday, July 24, 2017

Dragon Week! Introducing Cephias

Cephias is a garnet-colored dragon who’s fiercely loyal to his mate. When Seren wants to enter the mortal realms to rescue her dragon rider, Cephias refuses to let Seren go alone, even if leaving with his rider could possibly result in his exile. A noble and brave dragon, Cephias is eager to be a hero in a new adventure after living in the dragon realm for nearly half a millennium.

He tends to be the voice of reason for his rider. When Aneirin is deep in conflicting thought, Cephias is usually in Aneirin’s mind, by the power of their dragon stone, talking Aneirin through his anguish.

Occasionally Cephias, who’s the most mature of the pair, ribs his rider, who is unfamiliar with love, or “tender feelings,” as Cephias politely refers to Aneirin’s emotions. But the teasing is good-natured, because they’ve been together for so long that they refer to each other as brother. Their bond is typical of many dragons and riders, where they feel as if they are one soul. Separation is painful.

A bold dragon, Cephias isn’t afraid of a fight and enjoys quite a bit of chaos. He doesn’t mind torching a rooftop, or ten, if it means saving someone he hasn’t even met. And he’s not a bit squeamish, considering a few interesting things that happen between Aneirin and his love interest while flying on Cephias.

The big question is what will happen to Cephias and his rider when they enter the mortal world where evil lurks. When faced with the dark power, will Aneirin and Cephias conquer? Not all will return from the mortal world unscathed, and those who are spared will be forever changed. 

Check out this image. This is how I picture Cephias.

Find Cephias in Half-Emrys: Master of Lies (The Emrys Chronicles Book 1)

This novel is Reader Rated (RR) for ages 14+ for mild sensuality and violence.

What Dragons will you find within?

Dragon mates, with an immortal emrys, set out to rescue a dragon rider, but they don’t anticipate the enemy’s power.

Dragon Week Giveaway!

It's #DragonWeek! Let's Have a Giveaway

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The Midsummer Captives by Lea Doué

The Dragons' Chosen by Gwen Dandridge

Yorien's Hand by Jenelle Leanne Schmidt 

Through the Mountains by Malinda Andrews

Fallen Emrys by Lisa Rector

Deception by Kara Jaynes

Mercy's Prince by Katy Huth Jones

Temptation of Dragon by Chrys Cymri

Aerisia: Field of Battle by Sarah Ashwood

Submerging by C. S. Johnson

Cora and the Nurse Dragon by H. L. Burke

Thursday, July 13, 2017

God's Hand: The Nonflat Tire

Let me see if I can sum up this highly emotional day. While on 15 north, heading toward Gettysburg, my low tire-pressure light comes on. I’m not driving bumpy so I proceed to the next exit and get off. There’s no gas station so I pull into an RV place to check my tires.

Right away I see a screw in my rear tire. It doesn’t even look low so I am baffled as to why my tire light came on. I consider driving on or using the can of air in the back (but the tire wasn’t really flat), but decide to call AAA, feeling slightly stupid.

The AAA lady sends someone anyway, which was fine. Better safe than sorry. Guy comes, changes the tire, and tells me how to get to a tire place so they can patch my tire so I don’t have to drive like a turtle on a donut. Great.

Get to car place. Dude removes screw. Tire is not flat. Screw didn’t go all the way through.

What? What the heck?

I’m beyond tired, so I’m like, whatever. They put the tire back on, check the air in all the tires and send me on my way.

I have no idea why the strange detour in my life today happened. I do know that after being away from home for a week, traveling, and having jet lag that I was beyond my limits emotionally and physically. I probably shouldn’t have undertaken the short 40-minute trip I had planned today. I do know that in our family prayers this morning, my daughter asked that we be safe in all our travels today. So even though I have no idea why things played out the way they did, I know God was watching over me. I had an hour less to spend with my cousin, but as I reflected on things on my way home, I’m just so grateful that, once again, Heavenly Father was mindful of me. He kept me safe as I followed the promptings to exit where I did. Everyone was super helpful and efficient. Even though I was a mess and cried, everything was okay.

The mysterious nonflat tire could have been a way of avoiding further calamity up the road or it could have been to remind me of God’s hand in my life. Either way, I know He’s there.

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Writing Through the Pain

Last night my restless leg syndrome was so bad that my left arm was also antsy. Anyone who suffers from RLS knows that the unstoppable desire to move your legs and arms is neither pleasant nor to be ignored. My legs thrashed on my sheets, and my arm ached with ferocity so much so that I jumped out of bed in the middle of the night and started dancing around my bedroom, trying to give my legs and arm the relief they sought.

I felt as if I had ants marching one-by-one, up and down, inside my veins. The feeling was more unpleasant than you could imagine. I also wondered what I had done wrong with my day that resulted in such an attack. Did I sit too long because of the epic board game I played with my children, or did I eat too much sugar because my daughters insisted on eating s’mores before bedtime and I had already indulged in sweets earlier in the day?

I eventually exhausted my spastic limbs enough so that I could sleep, but vowed, as I drifted off, to take better care of my body. Starting with exercise the next day.

The following morning, after being prompted by the Spirit to rise early, after breakfast and an hour of scripture study, I put in a 10 minute DVD of body sculpting. I became so weary and my hips throbbed so horribly after my work out that I crumbled in tears. (This after I learned my daughter left my flexible, rice ice pack out of the freezer last night, so I didn’t have it to apply to my hips.) I choked down a protein bar while pulling out my church magazine; I could think of nothing else to do in my run-down state.

As I read I prayed. I couldn’t deal with my hip pain anymore. I couldn’t deal with the weakness in my body anymore. I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. I poured out my sorrows to my Father in Heaven.

And of course, the words from one of God’s chosen spoke to me and comforted me.

Even the Savior asked for relief as He suffered in the Garden of Gethsemane. “If it be possible, let this cup pass from me. Nevertheless not as I will, but as thou wilt.”

It is okay to ask for relief (even if the relief doesn’t come) and then submit to God’s will (whether we are healed).

The Spirit also whispered that though I ask for relief, I must do all in my power to take care of myself. Which I had vowed to do the night before, which I had vowed in the past. But I needed to revamp my efforts because I was failing.

I also learned that I could still receive spiritual refinement despite my suffering, and because of my suffering—because it will humble me and draw me closer to the Lord.

I even had a crazy thought that I would still carry on through my suffering. An image of me crawling to the dishwasher to unload the dishes came to my mind. As odd as that seemed, it gave me comfort to know that I wouldn’t give up, and I knew that God would help me do the seemingly impossible.

And I could ask for help as I needed; I don’t have to struggle on my own.

I haven’t been able to write steadily because of my declining health, but I haven’t completely given up. I do what I can. I know God knows me and my struggles. He doesn’t have to prove these things, but He shows me daily as He answers my prayers and sends peace to my heart.