Character Cards

Unaware of her immortal heritage, Ahnalyn learns she’s a child of two worlds—a half-emrys with the ability to wield the light and the dark powers. As Ahnalyn is thrown on a journey beyond her control, she must sift through the lies to uncover her true self and true potential, before the darkness consumes her.

Ahnalyn is Niawen's daughter. She was born in Tarren on Bryn, in the realm of Terrin.

Caedryn is a half-emrys descended from Siana, the first emrys to leave the immortal realm.

“When I faced Caedryn I didn’t sense any light in him. He does not obtain his power from light, but rather darkness. Cysgod is the source of all darkness in the mortal realms. Darkness can’t exist in Gorlassar. It is all light there. If Caedryn receives his power from Cysgod, there is more about this that I do not understand.”—Aneirin, an emrys of light

Caedryn is from the mortal realm Morvith, but is exiled to Rolant, where he becomes the ruler. He uses his exile as a sympathy card for Niawen. Though he has many talents, deception is his crowning attribute. His fingers are into many affairs of the mortals, and the reader will see more as his story unfolds in future novels.

As a half-emrys, Einion can wield the powers of light and darkness in the mortal world. But having known only the light’s purity in the immortal realm, Einion fears the dark power that leads to corruption. Despairs over his heart increase his uncertainty, and Einion is thrust on a path where he must face his worst fears to save the one he truly loves.

Einion is Ahnalyn's son. He was born in Rolant on Bryn, but inherited his father's throne in Hyledd.

Throughout her life, Niawen was taught that humans would corrupt her inner light. But after being exiled to the mortal world, she learns darkness lurks in all forms and can tarnish even the purest hearts. What’s more, she doesn’t need the help of the humans to make a mess of her new life. After damaging her heart-center (the source of her pure light), Niawen has one hope to overcome her corruption—find the only other emrys who came into the mortal world thousands of years ago. But what she finds is not what she expects.

Niawen is Ahnalyn’s mother. (Ahnalyn is the main character in book one.) Niawen is from the immortal realm Gorlassar on Emira, where she was close friends with Aneirin and Catrin (who also appear in other novels).

Rhianu, a ruthless Dark Emrys, stumbles into Einion’s life only to be challenged by her versions of good and evil. Her heart is torn between power and love, between the past and the future. Familiar with betrayal, Rhianu must follow through with her master’s deceptive plan—no matter what the consequences or what her heart tells her.

Born in Morvith, Rhianu is Siana's daughter, an emrys who left Gorlassar and came to the mortal world. Rhianu becomes the Dark Master's vessel and conquers and unites the seven lands. She will do anything for power, even kill her own father.

Catrin, Daughter of Light, is a daughter of High Emrys, Meinwen, and Lord Ithel. She's closest in age to her younger brother Aneirin. Though she is skilled in the art of healing, Catrin is fearsome on the battlefield. Her dragon is Cerys, an aquamarine dragon that matches Catrin's dragon stone.

She falls through time with Meuric, a Dark Emrys, in Master of Time, The Emrys Chronicles #3, but has parts to play in Master of Lies and The Two Masters.

Meinwen is the first emrys created on the world of Emira by the Master of Light, Deian. He created her to be guardian of the last dragon egg. With the light from her heart-center, Meinwen hatched Blodeuyn, the last dragon and High Dragoness.

Lord Ithel is her husband. While he is the Dragon Guardian's leader, Meinwen is their spiritual leader. She is the only emrys with a personal link to Deian and guides the emrys without being too meddlesome.

Through circumstances that unfold in Master of Lies, Meinwen is both sister and grandmother to Einion, Ahnalyn's son. But the particulars remain hidden to avoid spoilers for those yet to read that story.

Owein is a mortal in Fallen Emrys. He meets Niawen when she adventures into the mortal world of Bryn. He shows Niawen all the ins and outs of being a human. A skilled trapper and trader, Owein journey's all over the two mortal realms of Terrin and Talfryn. Eventually Niawen convinces him to settle down so they can raise their daughter Ahnalyn.