My Paranormal Romance

Introducing my paranormal romance Switching Lives.

“A contemporary romance with a paranormal switch.” —a bewitched reader
Sisters should love each other, not covet each other’s husband.

Lexi Dahl wants to smooth over issues with her husband, Derick, during a weekend vacation, but a blissful night of making up turns to disaster when Lexi wakes and life is upside down. Derick thinks he’s married to her sister, Abby, and Lexi’s poor girls somehow believe Abby is their mother. At least her brother-in-law Ben knows he’s Abby’s real husband.

While Lexi and Ben sort out the marriage mix-up, evidence points to the impossible—a spell was cast. Even though Ben is sick of Abby’s lies and can move on with his life, he helps Lexi patch up hers. She’s determined to break the spell, but as secrets unfold and she and Ben draw closer, Lexi’s heart is divided between her old life and new possibilities—because finding her true self and true love could be just a botched spell away.

Meet the main characters.

Lexi Dahl is a happily married mother of two. In her eyes, her husband Derick is the ideal husband. “Life is perfect in all its chaos, and that’s what it is with two- and four-year olds.”

Derick Dahl is a hard-working trauma surgeon. His little girls are his world. “Lexi takes great care of [the girls]. I know she’s given up a lot and lost herself in motherhood, but I love her all the more for it.”

Benjamin Lindsey designs office spaces for upscale clients. He and his wife of five years wish for children of their own so they can emulate the perfect family that their in-laws Derick and Lexi have. “I didn’t think it would be this hard. Abby is certain [starting our own family] will only be a matter of time.”

Abigail Lindsey is a former registered nurse at the renowned National Cancer Institute. “We just need to simplify our lives. A baby will come along before Ben and I know it.”