Lisa's Emryn World

What is an emrys?

I wanted to explore the concept of light-filled beings in my writing. Emrys are immortals who possess the power of light. The Master of Light, Deian, created the emrys from his light to be the guardians of a nearly destroyed dragon species. The Creator’s light is what gives the emrys immortality. The source within their bodies is their heart-center. Not their physical heart, but their spiritual heart. Emrys can harness the energy from the light, spread it throughout their bodies as heat and for healing, and even project it from their bodies in a myriad of way. Light also gives them other abilities, such as the ability to sense emotions.

Emrys dwell in a valley called Gorlassar on the planet Emira. The Power of Light protects this realm from evil. Emrys are immortal, and the dragons are as well, because of the power of the dragon stones the emrys wear. Gorlassar has portals to various mortal worlds, including Earth and Bryn—where the evil dwells . . . and the tainted humans.

What is a half-emrys?

As the usual case, in an immortal world that is perfect and flawless, where the people gradually become indifferent and ignorant of the outside mortal world, someone always rebels.

The first Emrys to leave the immortal Dragon Realm of Gorlassar did so in rebellion. What happens when an immortal passes through a portal and enters the mortal world? What happens when an Emrys and a human have a child?

The result is a new half race. An immortal who can still control light. . .

But with their mortal heritage comes a flaw.

The darkness.

And there is the basis for an internal struggle. Two powers within one being.

What type of readers will like The Emrys Chronicles and why?

The Emrys Chronicles are written for a new adult audience. My characters are not high schoolers. They are immortals who act between the ages of 18-30. The trilogy is suitable for ages 14 and up, only because there is a romantic element that I wouldn't want younger readers to read. They don’t need to have romantic, gushy notions in their heads. It would only give them cuties. But the reading is engaging enough for all other ages.

It is a smooth read, without excessive, “drawling” descriptions.

My books share the same elements of magic and new worlds, as well as, elements of mystery, fun through rambunctious dragons, romantic tension, hope in the face of tragedy, desperation and longing to know who you are, revenge (can’t have a good story without revenge), and forgiveness.

Paranormal, fantasy, and romance readers will enjoy these novels.

What are my novels about?


Not like sparkly vampires or LOTR elves. My immortals are called emrys, which means immortal in Welsh. Fun fact, Merlin was also called emrys. And no, there are no wizards in my book. Sorry, Harry Potter fans. But there is magic.

What else is there?
Dragons and magical dragon stones
Magical creatures
Light vs. darkness
Good vs. Evil

“Fencing, fighting, torture, revenge, giants, monsters, chases, escapes, true love, miracles...”

Just kidding. (That line is from the Princess Bride for all you people ignorant of one of the best movies ever.)

But I can finish my list with: Revenge.

And a happy ending.

Where did I get my inspiration?

I started writing my first novel back when I was doing a Lord of the Rings marathon. I even based some of my characters off Tolkien’s. I imagined the rolling hills of Middle Earth for the Realm of Terrin and the murky swamps of the Dead Marshes for Rolant. The torturous snow peaks of the Misty Mountains could be my Eirwen Mountains, where the entrance to Gorlassar is hidden. And when you enter Gorlassar and fly to the capital emryn city called Mared, I imagined the majestic music from when the Fellowship entered the great hall in the Mines of Moria.

But scenes and characters aside, I think that is where the similarities stop. My writing is nothing like Tolkien’s.

I would have to say music is what carried the feeling in my book. I mentioned the music from the mines of Moria scene. I did listen to the LOTR’s sound track quite a bit in the early phases of my free writing. But I took any music that uplifted or motivated me, from Evanescence’s Fallen CD to the Piano Guys. I think Twilight’s various sound tracks for all of their movies were a major inspiration for me. Evenstar (LOTR) was my inspiration for the final scene before the epilogue in my book.

What are the major themes in my novels?

One aspect in my novels is the indifference in the immortal dragon realm of Gorlassar, a supposedly a perfect world where there is no evil. The darkness cannot dwell there or enter. When faced with the opportunity to help the mortals, a corrupt race in a world of darkness, many emrys shirked the idea.

A lesser race should be left to their lesser fate. Right?

So darkness creeps in the mortal world. This is in contrast to the light that is in the emrys. And the half-emrys (beings with a mortal and immortal parent) share both traits. Thus lends to the theme of: The darkness that is in us all.

And the light.

And the fight between good and evil.

This quote from Harry Potter fits the theme of my chronicles. Sirius tells Harry: “You’re not a bad person. You’re a very good person, who bad things have happened to. Besides, the world isn’t split into good people and Death Eaters. We’ve all got both light and dark inside us. What matters is the part we choose to act on. That’s who we really are.”

Agency is a huge aspect in my novels and despite having darkness inside, it is the choices that define a person. (Insert Dumbledore quote: “It is our choices that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.”)

Map of Bryn, the mortal world.

Bryn is just one of the many worlds connected to Emira by portals. High in the Eirwen Mountains is the portal into the immortal realm, Gorlassar. The majority of the The Emrys Chronicles happens within the three realms, Terrin, Rolant, and Talfryn.