Romantic Fantasy Novels

Half-Emrys: Master of Lies

Lost to the lies. Consumed by revenge.

Unaware of her immortal heritage, the truth concealed from her, Ahnalyn learns she’s a child of two worlds—a half-emrys with the ability to wield the light and the dark power. When Ahnalyn is taken captive by evil tyrant Lord Caedryn, Aneirin, a Son of Light, defies law and risks exile to come to her rescue.

As Aneirin’s life becomes entwined with Ahnalyn’s, he is certain she belongs with the immortal emrys. But doubt and fear shroud Ahnalyn as the painful truths of her past unfold. Ahnalyn is thrown on a journey beyond her control, and she must sift through the lies Caedryn throws at her to uncover her true self and true potential, before the darkness consumes her.

Half-Emrys: Master of Lies, a romantic fantasy, is the first book in The Emrys Chronicles.

Half-Emrys: The Two Masters

Choose the light or choose the darkness, but you cannot have both.

As a half-emrys, Einion can wield the powers of light and darkness in the mortal world. But having known only the light’s purity in the immortal realm, Einion fears the dark power that leads to corruption. Despairs over his heart increase his uncertainty, and Einion is thrust on a path where he must face his worst fears to save the one he truly loves.

Rhianu, a ruthless Dark Emrys, stumbles into Einion’s life only to be challenged by her versions of good and evil. Her heart is torn between power and love, between the past and the future. Familiar with betrayal, Rhianu must follow through with her master’s deceptive plan—no matter what the consequences or what her heart tells her.

Half-Emrys: The Two Masters, a romantic fantasy, is the second book in the The Emrys Chronicles.

Half-Emrys: Master of Time

Time is only one enemy.

A malicious shadow trails Catrin and Meuric after they find themselves shoved backward through time. As a wielder of darkness, only Meuric knows the enormity of the evil that wants to claim Catrin, a pure Daughter of Light. Though they are two immortal enemies thrown together, Meuric and Catrin band together, searching for the way home.

As time forces Meuric to relive a tortured past and face his fears, Catrin’s health rapidly declines from a prior injury. Meuric confronts reality—his long-ignored light could save her, but using it will diminish his dark power, hindering his ability to pass through the ether to their own time. Returning home has become the least of his problems . . . if there’s a way home at all.

Half-Emrys: Master of Time, a romantic fantasy, is the third book in the The Emrys Chronicles.

Fallen Emrys: Niawen’s Story

Even the purest can fall.

In a peaceful world of seemingly perfect people, Niawen defends the dragons’ paradise from the evils outside their realm. Throughout her life, she was taught that humans would corrupt her inner light and that entering the mortal world means exile.

Mortified when her chosen life mate doesn’t return her feelings, she flees to the mortal realms, despite all the warnings. Her growing affections for the humans are crushed by a new enemy—death, and Niawen willingly defiles her pure light in battle to avenge her friends.

As she fights to overcome her corruption, she faces a sobering truth—the humans she loves will die. Niawen must find the one emrys who came into the mortal world thousands of years ago or risk facing eternity alone.

Fallen Emrys: Niawen’s Story, a romantic fantasy, is the prequel to The Emrys Chronicles.

The Emrys Chronicles boxed set

The Emrys Chronicles boxed set contains Half-Emrys: Master of Lies, Half-Emrys: The Two Masters, and Half-Emrys: Master of Time. Follow the stories of the half-emrys, immortal children who harness the powers of light and darkness. The Emrys Chronicles are romantic fantasy.